About Us

Socks are one of the indispensable parts of our daily life. It is always important to wear a comfortable and stylish pair of socks that protect foot health. Lav Çorap Teks. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti., which is a group company, has increased its market share in the socks industry with the increasing production volume and intense market. Shortly after our company began operating in 2009, it took its place in the European market in addition to the Turkish market.

Lav Çorap has been operating in the socks industry for years and offers products designed based on customer needs. We are constantly working to provide our customers with high quality, stylish and comfortable socks. We carry out our production with new generation computer system machines equipped with the latest technologies and computer systems. Our production line includes summer and winter socks for men, women and children. With our quality control procedures and our motto of socks directly from the manufacturer, we always aim for our products to always exceed customer expectations. We take care of every detail from the production stage to after-sales. Thus, we aim to offer our customers most comfortable socks with the best quality.

The most important thing for us is the happiness and satisfaction of our customers. We will continue working to be the leading company in the socks industry by producing the optimal socks for our customers. We design our socks and do R&D studies in house and offer our socks which are created by our expert team to all our customers, with the best service possible.

As Lav Çorap, we are committed to providing a reliable and quality service to our customers. We recommend that you try our quality, comfortable and stylish socks directly from the manufacturer and feel the difference on your feet for yourself.